Dreaded Legends: chapter 3

features some of the very best commanders in scenario paintball.

Leading the Buccaneers is Steve Knieriem as Black Bart. He is joined in his quest by Flip Wilson as Calico Jack and Richard Money as Captain Morgan.

They will battle against the leader of the Marauders led by Brandon Blouin as Charles Vane. He will be fighting alongside Kerry Griffin as Long Ben and Dago Vasquez as Blackbeard.


The beautiful Isle of Punta Ginta, made up of lush sugarcane fields and sand pine forests, has the luck of being the only freshwater stop between the Caribbean and the Americas.  Enterprising settlers have capitalized on this by setting up a town around the water source. A rum distillery, taverns, blacksmiths, and brothels cater to all the sailor's needs.

Black Flag - The Tale of Punta Ginta. Chapter 2: The Return of Captain Morgan

After a year of controlling Punta Ginta, the Marauder syndicate made up of Captains Blackbeard, Long Ben and Charles Vane have become more politicians than pirates.  In-fighting among the crews and the monotony of running the island has led to boredom and complacency.  Through his spies on the island, Captain Morgan, now in control of the Buccaneers syndicate, has made plans with Calico Jack and Black Bart to launch an attack to reclaim the island.  This will be a fight like none other, Blackbeard will again have to face his rivals in a grueling battle that he may or may not know is coming.  Can he prove to everyone that he is still the pirate king?  Join us at Dreaded Legends 2 and help your crew to victory!



Chapter 1:
Black Flag - The Tale of Punta Ginta

The townspeople of Punta Ginta awake to two chilling pieces of news. First, with war breaking out between Spain and England, both have pulled all their warships out of the area and sent them half a world away leaving the island unprotected. Second, two large pirate syndicates have landed on opposite ends of the island. Both seek to control this vital way-point. The first group is led by the feared Captain Blackbeard of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Captain Long Ben of the Fancy and Captain Charles Vain of the Ranger have joined alongside him. The Second group is led by Calico Jack of the William. Captain Black Bart of the Royal Fortune and Captain Morgan of the Satisfaction have pledged to support him in this endeavor.