Dreaded Legends: Chapter 3

Mutiny. It’s was the only word that made sense. For years, I had pledged my allegiance to the Marauders, helping them to defeat their Pirate brethren with the promise of riches and glory. All I had ever wanted was the battle…..

After being captured by The Marauders, I was able to earn my freedom by showing my merit. First to the violent and treacherous Captain Vane, who insisted to Blackbeard I was worth more to him alive then as fodder. Sailing on-board the Queen Anne’s Revenge in his last adventure, he began to see where Vane had been right. If Vane could only have seen the future…….

My destiny lies not in the hands of greedy pirates, but in the good graces of Odin, for my Viking lineage is flowing strongly through my blood. There are others, pirates that have been at Blackbeard’s disposal for years that see the same threat as I do. We have lain dormant for the time to be right, now it is time to embrace our destiny. We as Privateers shall bring honor and respect back to the ways of the ocean. It is time to bring these Marauders to their knees, to have them bow before Odin and meet their destiny. I swear this by Valhalla…….

My quest will not be easy. To bring the respect back the seas, an army must be formed. An army so great, that it will bring its enemies to their knees at the mere mention of its name. My heritage has taught me that only the strong will survive. As I begin to assemble my true Army of the Seas, immediately my attention is drawn to two names……

The first, is the Welshman Henry Morgan. Our families have traded together for generations, and he's a man who will settle any difference in a way with no hesitance. His port in Port Royal, Jamaica would make for a great launching pad for our raids against the Marauders……

The second name is much less well known, but none the less deadly. John Rackham…..”Calico Jack”. A privateer of questionable actions, though no one can question his results. It doesn’t hurt that he has a special vengeance for Captain Vane and the Ranger…..

Dreaded Legends Chapter 3 features
Steve Knieriem as Black Bart.
Flip Wilson as Calico Jack
Richard Jr L as Captain Morgan

Brandon Blouin as Charles Vane.
Kerry Griffin as Long Ben
Dago Vasquez as Blackbeard.

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The beautiful Isle of Punta Ginta, made up of lush sugarcane fields and sand pine forests, has the luck of being the only freshwater stop between the Caribbean and the Americas.  Enterprising settlers have capitalized on this by setting up a town around the water source. A rum distillery, taverns, blacksmiths, and brothels cater to all the sailor's needs.

Black Flag - The Tale of Punta Ginta. Chapter 2: The Return of Captain Morgan

After a year of controlling Punta Ginta, the Marauder syndicate made up of Captains Blackbeard, Long Ben and Charles Vane have become more politicians than pirates.  In-fighting among the crews and the monotony of running the island has led to boredom and complacency.  Through his spies on the island, Captain Morgan, now in control of the Buccaneers syndicate, has made plans with Calico Jack and Black Bart to launch an attack to reclaim the island.  This will be a fight like none other, Blackbeard will again have to face his rivals in a grueling battle that he may or may not know is coming.  Can he prove to everyone that he is still the pirate king?  Join us at Dreaded Legends 2 and help your crew to victory!



Chapter 1:
Black Flag - The Tale of Punta Ginta

The townspeople of Punta Ginta awake to two chilling pieces of news. First, with war breaking out between Spain and England, both have pulled all their warships out of the area and sent them half a world away leaving the island unprotected. Second, two large pirate syndicates have landed on opposite ends of the island. Both seek to control this vital way-point. The first group is led by the feared Captain Blackbeard of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Captain Long Ben of the Fancy and Captain Charles Vain of the Ranger have joined alongside him. The Second group is led by Calico Jack of the William. Captain Black Bart of the Royal Fortune and Captain Morgan of the Satisfaction have pledged to support him in this endeavor.