February 9-10, 2018 @ Florida Tracks n Trails, Punta Gorda FL
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Dreaded 3 Information

February 9-11, 2018

Group Discounts: YES

Venue: Florida TNT, Punta Gorda FLA

Event Size: 1,000-1,500 Players

CPX Events is proud to announce that we have again partnered with Florida Tracks & Trails (TNT) for Dreaded Legends 3 – the ultimate paintball vacation. TNT’s 80-acre recently opened paintball jungle park is already recognized as one of the best paintball fields in all of Florida.

Hosted By:

39450 Bermont Rd, Punta Gorda, FL 33982







Friday Feb 9:

11am – Onsite Registration Opens

Noon – Magfed Games Begins

4pm – Commanders Battle for Side Choice

PLAYER PARTY & Wedding at Tiki Bar After Commanders Battle

Saturday Feb 10:

7am – Chrono and Onsite Registration Opens

10am – Player Briefing at Proshop, Chrono Closed *MUST ATTEND

11am – 5pm – Game On! Chrono On Field

Sunday Feb 11:

7am – Chrono and Onsite Registration Opens

10am – 2pm – Game On!

2:45pm – 3:15pm – Final Battle

3:45pm – Award Ceremony

*Schedule subject to change at producers discretion*

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Punta Gorda, Florida

CPX’s Dreaded Legends is the perfect opportunity to escape the winter and treat yourself to a family-friendly vacation in sunny southwest Florida!

Located in the sunny southwest city of Punta Gorda, TNT is part of a 1,000-acre family recreation park featuring AMA motocross tracks, 40-miles of ATV trails, and a 12-acre beach complete with palm trees, pure white sand, and crisp clear water. Enjoy great food, music, and beverages at the Tiki bar where beach games are set up every weekend along with kids contests and fun for the entire family! Onsite camping will be available the week/end of the Dreaded Legends event.

Punta Gorda is conveniently located approx 90-minutes from Tampa Airport (TPA) and 45-minutes from Fort Myers Airport (RSW). AllegiantAir flights fly directly into Punta Gorda from select cities as well. Disney World is approx 2.5 hours from Punta Gorda.


Dreaded Legends: Chapter 3

Mutiny. It’s was the only word that made sense. For years, I had pledged my allegiance to the Marauders, helping them to defeat their Pirate brethren with the promise of riches and glory. All I had ever wanted was the battle…..

After being captured by The Marauders, I was able to earn my freedom by showing my merit. First to the violent and treacherous Captain Vane, who insisted to Blackbeard I was worth more to him alive then as fodder. Sailing on-board the Queen Anne’s Revenge in his last adventure, he began to see where Vane had been right. If Vane could only have seen the future…….

My destiny lies not in the hands of greedy pirates, but in the good graces of Odin, for my Viking lineage is flowing strongly through my blood. There are others, pirates that have been at Blackbeard’s disposal for years that see the same threat as I do. We have lain dormant for the time to be right, now it is time to embrace our destiny. We as Privateers shall bring honor and respect back to the ways of the ocean. It is time to bring these Marauders to their knees, to have them bow before Odin and meet their destiny. I swear this by Valhalla…….

My quest will not be easy. To bring the respect back the seas, an army must be formed. An army so great, that it will bring its enemies to their knees at the mere mention of its name. My heritage has taught me that only the strong will survive. As I begin to assemble my true Army of the Seas, immediately my attention is drawn to two names……

The first, is the Welshman Henry Morgan. Our families have traded together for generations, and he’s a man who will settle any difference in a way with no hesitance. His port in Port Royal, Jamaica would make for a great launching pad for our raids against the Marauders……

The second name is much less well known, but none the less deadly. John Rackham…..”Calico Jack”. A privateer of questionable actions, though no one can question his results. It doesn’t hurt that he has a special vengeance for Captain Vane and the Ranger…..


Take Advantage of Early Bird Pricing if You Can!

Pre-Registration Pricing 10/28 thru 1/26:
Entry – $59.95
Air – $9.49
Paint – $64.95

Pricing 1/27 thru day-of:
Entry – $69.95
Air – $14.49
Paint – $74.95.

Group Discount Packages:
2-Pack: Entry, Air for Two + 5 Cases: $215/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $100*+ ($429.95 total )
4-Pack: Entry, Air for Four + 10 Cases: $208/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $200*+ ($834.95 total)
6-Pack: Entry, Air for Six + 15 Cases: $206/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $350*+ ($1239.95 total)
8-Pack: Entry, Air for Eight + 20 Cases: $202/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $500*+ ($1619.95 total)
10-Pack: Entry, Air for Ten + 25 Cases: $189/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $750*+ ($1,899.95 total)
12-Pack: Entry, Air for Twelve + 30 Cases: $187/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $950*+ ($2,249.95 total)


*based on day-of pricing


Group Discounts & Ticket Sales


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  • Steve Knieriem as Black Bart

  • Flip Wilson as Calico Jack

  • Richard Jr L as Captain Morgan

  • Brandon Blouin as Charles Vane

  • Kerry Griffin as Long Ben

  • Dago Vasquez as Blackbeard