September 1-2, 2018 @ Maui Paintball, Hawaii
2018/09/01 09:34:16

Hawaiian Legend Information

September 1-2, 2018

Group Discounts: YES

Venue: Maui Paintball, Hawaii

A first of it’s kind, a true destination paintball vacation.  Say Aloha to Maui Paintball and get ready for an epic time with your paintball gun on the beach.

Hosted By:

814 Honoapiilani Hwy, Lahaina, HI 96761




VIDEO: Where to Stay

VIDEO: Maui Paintball Tour




Lahaina, Hawaii

Located along the Honoapiilani Highway in the small town of Olowalu on the way to Lahaina, just a 7 minute drive from Lahaina town and only 25 minutes from Kihei. Maui Paintball’s 10 acres of paintball paradise includes natural tree forts, beautiful weather, and all around good vibes.


Hawaiian Legends Storyline

Deep beneath the Pacific Ocean there was more unseen than imagined. Lost history, undiscovered wonder, and breathtaking power. All this and more slept, deep in the cold dark brine. Today though, one such wonder waited uneasily……


Take Advantage of Early Bird Pricing if You Can!

*Pre-register by 5/6 w/ entry, and 2+ cases and get a FREE event t-shirt – a $19.95 value!!
*BONUS Paint Offer (ends May 6th)
Buy entry and….
2 Cases, get 1 bag FREE!
3 Cases, gets 2 bags FREE!
4 Cases, get 3 bags FREE!
5 Cases, get 1 CASE FREE

LEGENDARY Package (ends July 1st):
Get Entry, Air, 3 Cases AND a Set of GI Sportz Grillz for $299.95!!

Early Bird Pricing (ends May 30th, 2018):
Entry – $44.95
Air – FREE
Paint – $54.95

Pre-Reg Pricing (June 1st – August 19, 2018):
Entry – $59.95
Air – FREE
Paint – $64.95.

Regular Pricing (August 20 – Day of):
Entry – $69.95
Air – FREE
Paint – $74.95.

Group Discount Packages:
2-Pack: Entry, Air for Two + 5 Cases: $215/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $100*+ ($429.95 total )
4-Pack: Entry, Air for Four + 10 Cases: $208/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $200*+ ($834.95 total)
6-Pack: Entry, Air for Six + 15 Cases: $206/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $350*+ ($1239.95 total)
8-Pack: Entry, Air for Eight + 20 Cases: $202/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $500*+ ($1619.95 total)
10-Pack: Entry, Air for Ten + 25 Cases: $189/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $750*+ ($1,899.95 total)
12-Pack: Entry, Air for Twelve + 30 Cases: $187/person w/ 2.5 cases each, SAVE $950*+ ($2,249.95 total)


Group Discounts & Ticket Sales


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  • Commander – Garrett Uyesugi ( Maui OG)

  • XO – Archangel Mikel (Phantom Regiment)

  • Featured player Midnight Angel


  • Commander – Gabriel T_Devil Frias (Psycho Clown Posse)

  • XO – Lance Nonaka (TAG Paintball)

  • Featured player Frank Silva

Hawaiian Legends: Part 1

Deep beneath the Pacific Ocean there was more unseen than imagined. Lost history, undiscovered wonder, and breathtaking power. All this and more slept, deep in the cold dark brine. Today though, one such wonder waited uneasily. Rising from the sea floor was a tall silvery spire. It’s foreign surface was free of barnacles, coral, or any tarnish. It hummed with an energy sourced from the stars. How it came to rest in our ocean, who made it, or why can’t be said. It may have lain dormant for eons. Now it gave off a feint light, a weak glow in the pitch black.


Above on the surface the night sky was awash with starlight and in comparison bright. Two ships plied across expanse of water, merchant vessels. A freighter filled with Copper from Chile was a mile south of a container ship headed to the west coast of the US. Further above an air freight Plane flew on route to the Hawaiian Islands. On the deck of the container ship, a crewman was at the railing, smoking and observing the distant passing ship. His break nearing its end he flicked the butt out into the sea and turn to walk back to his post when he noticed a glow form from the hull of the ship. A thrumming noise grew over the sound of the ship. Suddenly the ship fell silent and the lights on deck cut off. The crewmen grabbed the small light from his pocket, but to no avail. It was not working either. The heavens suddenly grew brighter as the stars seemed to double. The light grew, then faded. The man knew at once something must be wrong, for the moon now cast its light on the opposite side of the ship. A suddenly gust of wind hit the ship tossing him to the deck. He struggled to his feet and made his way towards the bridge to find the officers and answers hopefully. Just before entering the bulkhead he looked out across the water to where the other ship had been but it had gone dark as well.


“Nothing is working. GPS is off line, radio and satellite service are dead air. Computers all shit the bed at once. Hell old Mac says even the stars aren’t right, but he’s probably drunk again.” Captain Uyesugi listed his woes. “Engines are down for now so we’re dead in the water. We have limited hydraulic control so we can turn the rudder, and the bow and stern thrusters can turn us in place. So if anyone has any bright ideas on what’s happening I’m all ears.” The crew was looked uneasy. Murmured conversations passed between them. Finally a voice cut in, “what is the closest port?” The captain turned to the voice in the dark bridge to see a young deck officer, Antonio Falcon. “Well we’re just north of Hawaii at the last reading before everything cut out. Kahului Harbor is nearly due south.”